Blogging How To

This Is How We Do It!

This should be complete and posted to your blog by Sunday, midnight. 

This will be a list of a minimum of three – five (3-5) mix of blogs/websites/books, bloggers videos, shopping links… related to your topic that you want to share with your readers.

1. Create a Resources/Links section as a standalone page on your website

Resources can be a mix of media or all websites, blogs and/or books etc.
Embed the url in the title/name and briefly explain why you like the blog/website/book–a blurb is fine.

2. This is my second heading

Each link/resource item should have a visual. It is fine to use brand logos/book covers

If you haven’t done so yet, you will need to create a new menu item.  

Examples of Resources Pages: 

Eat Good Philly

Star Gazer Lily

Artsy Crafty Chick

The Queer Reviewer 

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