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Best Website for Copywriting Help


Copyblogger’s website is packed with guidance and advice for professional writers. AND they offer these terrific guides for anyone new to copywriting and professional writing. My students know that I am a tyrant about writing effective, benefit-oriented blog post titles, and the Magnetic Guide is my go-to to help them. Every post they write, they can use one of my 4 Go-To Headline formulas and then after that, they have to experiment with two titles based on strategies from the guide. The Copywriting 101 Guide is also very useful for drilling down on benefits in whatever you’re writing.

You have to visit Copyblogger and opt-in with your email…but it’s worth it and in my experience they will not spam you. Check them out! You won’t regret it.

Best Blogs for Digital Marketing and Social Media

Textbooks are expensive and they go out of date so quickly when it comes to social media and blogging. I have spend a lot of time curating expert industry resources for my students. These are my top go-to sites for expert and well-researched information.

Hootsuite Blog

Hootsuite’s Student Program

If you’re teaching social media, you should take advantage of Hootsuite’s student program. You can enroll your students and they can earn an industry-recognized social media marketing certificate that is $200 for free! I use the certification as my final exam. Students learn a lot and have a professional certification for their resume!


Neil Patel’s Digital Marketing Blog


Sprout Social Blog

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